Behind the scenes: teaching during COVID-19 restrictions and plans for re-opening of faith schools

Developing a vibrant, positive and inclusive environment where individuals are valued and respected, has been a key part of the ethos of how the panjabi school has been led.

The school is now at the forefront of a revolutionary method of teaching Panjabi.  In September 2020 we moved away from the traditional rote learning of ੳ ਅ ੲ etc. and is in line with mainstream schools and received national recognition. Children can very quickly learn letters and make words which means they also gain confidence too.

The teachers have been working very hard behind the scenes since face to face teaching was stopped. They have continued to support children with their learning during the Covid-19 pandemic with regular meetings to formulate plans for the new school year, safety procedures to ensure teaching is Covid-19 compliant, on-going training, assessments and remote learning.  Ensuring children and staff are safe by following all appropriate safeguarding steps is paramount.

The video below shows some of the ways that different faith organisations are working under the challenging circumstances.