Management Committee : 2006 to 2008

Members of the 2006/2008 committee included: President S. Ranbir Singh Rai Assistant President S. Jaswinder Singh General Secretary S. Sadhu Singh Chhokar Assistant General Secretary S. Harbans Singh Sarai Treasurer S. Sarbant Singh Dosanjh Assistant Treasurer S. Harjit Singh Stage Secretary S. Ajit Singh Lall Assistant Stage Secretaries Education and Social Secretary S. Balbir Kaur Libraian S. Rash Pal Singh … Continue reading “Management Committee : 2006 to 2008”

Punjabi School Prizes

Prizes were awarded to children from the Punjabi School for attaining good examination marks along with a prize awarded for attendance and good behaviour. These are some pictures taken during the ceremony.

Management Committee : 2005 to 2006

Members of the 2005/2006 included: President S. Ranbir Singh Rai Assistant Presidents S. Jaswinder Singh S. Satnam Singh Heer S. Bakhshish Singh General Secretary S. Bahadur Singh Javanda Assistant General Secretaries S. Inderjit Singh S. Rajinder Singh Chohan Treasurer S. Gurdev Singh Assistant Treasurers S. Hardev Singh Dosanjh S. Manpreet Singh Stage Secretary S. Parmjit Singh Javanda Assistant Stage Secretaries … Continue reading “Management Committee : 2005 to 2006”

April 2005 – Viasakhi

As part of the 2005 Viasakhi celebations a Nagar Kirtan was held, where the Guru Granth Sahib Ji was taken in a procession to each of the 6 Gurdwaras in Bradford. This year the procession started from the Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara on Bolton Road. These pictures show part of the procession.

Management Committee : 2003 to 2005

Members of the 2003/2005 Management Committee included: President S. Manjinder Singh Nijjar Assistant Presidents S. Gurdail Singh Chatha S. Gurmit Singh Dhami General Secretary S. Sadhu Singh Chhokar Assistant General Secretary S. Harbhajar Singh Desi S. Ranbir Singh Rai Treasurer S. Dara Singh Assistant Treasurers S. Ajaib Singh S. Balbir Singh Birk S. Kashmir Singh Dhamaee