Punjabi School – 2016/2017 Key Calendar Dates

These are the key calendar dates for the Punjabi school in 2016/2017. Date Event 25th December 2016 Holiday : Christmas Day 1st January 2017 Holiday : Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday 22nd January 2017 Parents’ meetings / Progress Reports 16th April 2017 Holiday: Vaisakhi 28th May 2017 Holiday: Guru Amar Das Ji’s Birthday 18th June 2017 Exams 25th June 2017 Exams … Continue reading “Punjabi School – 2016/2017 Key Calendar Dates”

Punjabi School – 2013/2014 Key Calendar Dates

These are the key calendar dates for the Punjabi school in 2013/2014. Date Event 3rd November 2013 Holiday : Bandi Chhorh Diwas 29th December 2013 Holiday : Christmas Day 5th January 2014 Holiday : Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday 12th January 2014 Parents’ meetings / Progress Reports 20th April 2014 Holiday: Vaisakhi 25th May 2014 Holiday: Guru Amar Das Ji’s Birthday 8th June 2014 … Continue reading “Punjabi School – 2013/2014 Key Calendar Dates”

2012 Punjabi School parents meeting

On Sunday 15th January 2012 at 11.00 am the Punjabi School have organised a meeting for parents. The meeting will be held in the hall in the new Punjabi School building and will address the following topics: Punjabi School updates. The school curriculum. Assessments On-line learning How to support your child Future plans GCSE Cerificates Meet your child’s teacher All … Continue reading “2012 Punjabi School parents meeting”

New School Building

A range of building work has started at the Gurdwara. The recent work being the conversion of the Panesar Motor building into the new Punjabi school. As can be seen from the above picture, the stone face work is nearing completion and the whole construction is on target to complete by Christmas 2010.

Punjabi School Prizes

Prizes were awarded to children from the Punjabi School for attaining good examination marks along with a prize awarded for attendance and good behaviour. These are some pictures taken during the ceremony.